Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christie's Wedding - Blushes

As I posted before, I get to be a bridesmaid in my sweet friend Christie's wedding!  We had a nice chat the other day over the phone about some of her wedding ideas and she had chosen blushes, champagnes and off-whites as her colors. I could not be more excited!

I take a lot of my inspiration from, and these colors seem to be such a huge trend right now.  Trends are usually something to stay away from in my opinion, but these colors are so incredibly classic, chic and sophisticated.
The amazing thing about these colors is that nothing has to match - They all coordinate!  As the bride, Christie could just tell us all to go out and get a 'blush' colored dress, and we would all end up looking coordinated standing next to each other.  

When you think about your wedding colors, do you want matching or coordinating?  Leave comments and we'll help!

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