Monday, May 21, 2012

Where to start??

So you're engaged! Congratulations! ...Now what!? So many things to do! Pick a date, venue, florist, band or dj, the dress, bridesmaids dresses...just to name a few! It can all be so overwhelming. And if you're anything like me - you don't know where to start! I was never the little girl who was planning her wedding at age 8. So now that the majority of my friends are either engaged or married, and I have a real-life Prince Charming of my own, I decided, about a year go, that I would need to pump up my girlie skills. I started reading wedding blogs, buying the $15 magazines, and living vicariously through my friends.
The thing I realized was missing was bridesmaids dress stylists. We would go from shop to shop and wander aimlessly through the rows and rows of dresses, taking the 'opinions' of the sales girls with a grain of salt. But none of them were genuine enough or patient enough to help us truly find the perfect dresses...That's where I came in.
 There's more to a great bridesmaid dress than color or length. Sometimes you don't even want them all to be the same. But the most important thing about the perfect bridesmaids dresses is the feeling it gives your friends when they put it on. A truly happy girl that is comfortable in what she's wearing will shine for you on your special day!

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